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One man’s journey to watch every episode of Pokemon, making more work for himself.

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Friday Oct 07, 2022

Still heading towards the next Orange League Gym, our heroes relax for a bit, meet a celebrity, and even solve a love dispute. But perhaps most important of all, they add another new Pokémon to the team.
EP097- Tracey Gets Bugged
EP098- A Way Off Day Off
EP099- The Mandarin Island Miss Match
EP100- Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?

Friday Sep 23, 2022

Ash challenges his second Orange League gym, and even recruits a new pokemon! But after both our heroes and villains encounter the supernatural, Team Rocket must figure out where their loyalties lie.
EP093- Navel Maneuvers 
EP094- Snack Attack
EP095- A Shipful of Shivers
EP096- Meowth Rules!

Friday Sep 16, 2022

The Orange Archipelago only continues to show its uniqueness, with fossils, live dubs, and a feral Nurse Joy! Plus, another evolution may be on the horizon...
EP089- Shell Shock!
EP090- Stage Fight!
EP091- Bye Bye Psyduck
EP092- The Joy of Pokémon

Friday Sep 09, 2022

As Ash begins his Orange League challenge, our heroes begin to explore the unique and hidden aspects of the Orange Archipelago.
EP085- Fit To Be Tide
EP086- Pikachu Re-Volts
EP087- The Crystal Onix
EP088- In The Pink

Friday Sep 02, 2022

Our heroes set off on a new journey, this time to solve a mystery and partake in a new challenge! In the Orange Archipelago, old friends part, while new ones come together.
Plus, hear me become sick in real time!
EP081- Pallet Party Panic
EP082- A Scare in the Air
EP083- Poké Ball Peril
EP084- The Lost Lapras

Friday Aug 12, 2022

Our hero continues to climb his way through the league, but must grapple with the reality of the outcome and decide what path he wants to take.
EP079- Friend and Foe Alike
EP080- Friends to the End

Friday Aug 05, 2022

The Pokemon League has finally begun! Ash struggles, but slowly makes his way forward, meeting a new friend as he does so!
EP075- Round One - Begin! 
EP076- Fire and Ice
EP077- The Fourth Round Rumble
EP078- A Friend In Deed

Friday Jul 29, 2022

Our hero attempts to get some last minute training in, as the Pokemon League finally arrives just around the corner, beginning with a bang!
EP071- To Master the Onixpected!
EP072- The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis
EP073- Bad To The Bone
EP074- All Fired Up!

Friday Jul 15, 2022

Our heroes are invited to battle the so-called "world's greatest pokemon trainer". The trainer, a clone of mew named Mewtwo, has other goals than battling, though. Angered at his own inability to find a purpose for existing, he plans to destroy everyone and create his own world to live in.
Movie 1- Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

Friday Jul 08, 2022

While Ash continues to procrastinate his league training, he meets a skilled surfer, a troubled florest, and an eccentric director. Meanwhile, another member of Team Rocket must face their troubled past...
EP067- The Pi-Kahuna
EP068- Make Room for Gloom
EP069- Lights, Camera, Quack-tion
EP070- Go West Young Meowth

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